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Fire Permit Information

M.D. Councillors Fire permits are required year-round in the M.D. of Wainwright. Permits are free of charge and can be obtained from the following individuals:

  • Councillors
    • Oscar Buck, Division 1 - Home: 780-858-2229 or Cell: 780-806-3538
    • Ted Wilkinson, Division 2 - Home: 780-842-3030 or Cell: 780-806-0315
    • Myron Zajic, Division 3 - Home: 780-755-2124 or Cell: 780-842-8333
    • Phil Valleau, Division 4 - Home: 780-842-2105 or Cell: 780-842-8874
    • Bruce Cummins, Division 5 - Home: 780-842-2170 or Cell: 780-806-8515
    • Bill Lawson, Division 6 - Home: 780-0244 or Cell: 780-745-2440
    • Bob Barss, Division 7 - Home: 780-754-2195 or Cell: 780-842-7309
  • M.D. Staff
    • Kelly Buchinski - Administration Office: 780-842-4454
    • James Schwindt - Administration Office: 780-842-4454 or Cell: 780-842-0212
    • Tanis Ponath - Administration Office: 780-842-4454 or Cell: 780-806-9498
    • Karen Steele - Administration Office: 780-842-4454
    • Kim Christensen - Administration Office: 780-842-4454

Fire Chief and Permit Contact Info

As per Municipal District of Wainwright No. 61 policy:

Fire permits are now available over the phone by fax. You will need to be able to scan the fire permit after signing and fax it to the M.D. office at 780-842-2463.

After the permit is written, the holder must contact the 911 Call Centre at 780-842-4215 prior to burning.  Only contact your fire chief if instructed to do so on permit. Any request for a fire permit to burn a standing building (excepting wooden grain bins) should be referred to the Fire Chief of the fire area where the fire is to occur.

For your information please consult the "Burning Waste - Facts at your figertips" PDF.

All Fire Wardens MUST fax copies to the 911 Call Centre at 780-842-4545 after issuing the permit.

Fire Area Contact Contact Number
(must call BOTH 
911 Call Centre & Fire Chief)
Fax Number
(must fax to BOTH)
Chauvin 911 Call Centre
Gary Zunti
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Edgerton 911 Call Centre
John Koroluk
Cell: 780-806-0275

Wainwright 911 Call Centre
Cliff Bethune

Irma 911 Call Centre
Clair Prior
OR Doug Emter


Please note that 780-842-4215 is 911's Call Centre for municipal emergencies and that 780-842-4545 is 911's fax number.


For more information, please contact our Administration Office at 780-842-4454